The National Rifle

Nå har vi et nytt band å holde øye med, dere! 


Det spekuleres om bandet "The Nationl Rifles" skal være med på TwilightSaga:Eclipse soundtracket. Bandet har nettopp gitt ut et nytt album med tittelen Man Full Of Trouble. De har sagt dette i et intervju:

"we plan to bring it up on Monday at the meeting with our producer since we're discussing a new recording project right now anyway. We'd love to be on it."

Her er et intervju med bandet:

AB: How did you get started with The National Rifle?

Hugh: Jeremiah and I were friends in middle school and would use a four track to record weird crap because I started playing guitar and told Jeremiah to get a bass. At the time Jeremiah was dating Buddy's sister. A few years later we were visiting Jeremiah's ex-girlfriend during Christmas and Buddy had just gotten a drumset from Santa. We played together for a few years signed to a crappy label, left them and hooked up with Pink's ex-management team, broke up after they wanted to make us a boy band, but eventually got back together and met Lynna through my job.

AB: What's the journey been like to where you are right now?

Hugh: It's been a very long twisted history. Really a lot of dead ends, restarts, and tons of hard work. The last two years or 18 months have been a lot more turbulent and we've really been meeting new people and progressing like crazy in that time.

AB: What's it like to have thousands of people know and love your music?

Hugh: it's something we're starting to get used to. Haha. For me as the songwriter, I'm just really grateful (and surprised) that it's reaching so many people. And really motivated to create more great music for the people who believe in us.

AB: What has been the biggest challenge for you personally? The biggest reward?

Buddy: the biggest reward has been a new sense of confidence that comes with the recognition. The biggest challenge has been to give the fans something new and intresting and to progress musically.

Lynna: The biggest challenge has been coming to the band as the newest member and trying to do the music justice. The biggest reward has been the new friendships I've made through the band.

AB: What can we expect from you in the way of albums?

Hugh: We are currently looking at studios and producers for our 2010 release. We'll start putting together songs this fall and will probably actually record in the early spring. I'm hoping for a Summer 2010 release which it feels like will be here any minute.

AB: Which of your songs really defines you and TNR?

Jeremiah: Kickin' Dogs. Because it's up beat and dancy. But really we're always trying to do something new and would really hope that each song is coming from someplace different.

Buddy: I think "it's just whiskey, Mama" is a good example of the direction we're going because we're starting to find our own sound and this song shows it. It's poppy but also progressive. Something that's different but is also really accessible.

AB: Your inspirations and influences?

Hugh: I'm really interested in the history of rock and anything with staying power. I just enjoy the pop idiom and the simple language of rock music. That idea of powerful and compelling music influences everything I write.

Jeremiah: I'm realy influenced by hip hop and R&B musically but my inspiration is just being myself and doing something unique that reflects my individuality. That drives my desire to play in the band.

AB: When you think of TNR's future, where do you see the band?

Jeremiah; I see us making a big splash and traveling the world.

Buddy: I see us easily making this our life long career in the foreseeable future. We have the knowledge and experience to make it happen.

AB: Your biggest aspiration?

Jeremiah: our biggest goal is to become musical legends!



Half of Kickin Dogs - The National Rifle

It's just whiskey, Mama - The National Rifle (ignorer den rare videoen og bare nyt den kule musikken! :D

- M

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