Kult intervju med Kristen

Ganske kult intervju med Kristen hvor hun bare prater litt om hvordan hun har fått mer selvtillit med suksessen av New Moon og jeg kan jo se forbedringen i henne! Hun smiler jo faktisk nå :D Også får man høre litt om oppkommende filmen Welcome To The Rileys hvor hun spiller en stripper. Tror den blir ganske bra, jeg :) Også begynner filmingen av K-11 med Nikki Reed snart! 


She might have ousted Miley Cyrus from her mystifying position as the World's Most Famous Teenage Girl but 19-year-old Twilight star Kristen Stewart is in denial. "People don't really recognise me," she smiles, knowing it sounds unhinged. "I think I just look different in person or something. I'm also not very approachable." She laughs hard and knowingly.

Take the outfit she wore to the Teen Choice Awards earlier this year (where she won Best Actress Drama for Twilight): a Rock & Republic dress, the skirt section of which comprised only silver spikes. It didn't take an expert to deduce the message: "Don't stand so close to me."

Stewart has already earned a reputation in the media for being difficult, but it seems a rather uncharitable label. In my meetings with her, she has been fidgety, yes, uncomfortable, check, awkward, always, but never rude, dismissive or arrogant.

"I do feel that nowadays everyone perceives you the same way," she says, pondering a Facebook/Twitter age in which she does not participate.

"I prefer something I can touch! But now everybody knows everything about you. Even your parents have to know where you are because of course you have a cellphone.

They can always reach you. You can't even have a private life away from your family, it's like everything is very hands-on."

But she also says she's far more confident these days as The Twilight Saga: New Moon continues its run at the top of box offices around the world.

"I think I've got a lot more comfortable with talking about myself. I couldn't finish a sentence because I was so concerned about how it was going to sound and I didn't want to come across insincere about something that I really love to do," Stewart says. "I realised that instead or refraining from saying things, I should have said, 'I put my heart and soul into this thing and I love it' instead of the really logical, over-analytical reasons why I love it."

Certainly Stewart likes the choices afforded her by Twilight and is too smart to complain about any downside. "It's easier now to do things I really like, like an independent movie that nobody sees. Now it'll be: 'Oh, let's go see Bella in this stripper movie!' It'll be crazy." She laughs hard, like she's loving it.

The "stripper movie" in question, Welcome to the Rileys - starring The Sopranos' James Gandolfini and last year's surprise Best Actress Academy Award nominee Melissa Leo - is one she terms the "most fruitful life-changing movie experience I've ever had. It was the hardest subject-matter. I play a very broken young girl working in a strip club."

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