Rob syns Taylors forvandling i New Moon var "strange"

I et intervju med MTV sier Robert at han syns det var litt sjokkerende med Taylors fysiske forvanding. Nå som jeg tenker på det må det ha vært ganske rart, for, som han sier i intervjuet, så har han bare scener med Jacob i begynnelsen og slutten av filmen så han får ikke se hvordan Jacob utvikler seg. Bare begynnelsen og så resultatet :P Her er intervjuet!


MTV: Taylor Lautner's transformation between the movies is now the stuff of legend. Tell us about the first time you saw him and what you thought.

Robert Pattinson: I didn't see Taylor until just a little bit before we started shooting ["New Moon"]. When he came back, I had the same reaction as everybody else. I was like, "Jeez, now I have to go to the gym!" But yeah, it was strange. This one was weird, because I hardly did any scenes with Taylor. We did the scenes at the beginning and scenes at the end [together], and he had his entire story line develop without me being around, which is interesting, because I had no idea where his performance was going. So it wasn't really a competition or anything; it was all independent. Whereas in "Eclipse," we're doing scenes together all the time with Bella.

MTV: Who is your favorite movie vampire of all time?

Pattinson: Wow, I don't really know. I always think of the wrong people. I always think Christian Slater in "Interview With a Vampire," but he's not the vampire ? he's the interviewer! I really like Wesley Snipes [in the "Blade" movies]. I think Wesley Snipes is great.

MTV: Out of all the "Twilight" stars, you seem to do the fewest interviews. Why is that?

Pattinson: I think it's such a risky thing doing interviews. I try to limit the amount of interviews I do, because no one is that interesting, especially when you're not really saying anything. I don't particularly want to be some kind of character in society or whatever. So I guess the only thing you can do is do jobs and see if people respond to that.


MTV: You tease yourself as "not saying anything," and a lot of people see you as being self-deprecating. Are you?

Pattinson: I'm always told that I don't really know who I am, so hopefully I won't compartmentalize myself because of that. I am just completely ignorant of [how others perceive me]. I've never really struggled with anything up until recently. I've got to stop being so self-depreciating, because people are starting to believe it. They're like, "Yeah, that guy is an idiot." So I've tried to stop doing that.

MTV: What was the last fan interaction that really made you laugh?

Pattinson: I always find it funny when older people come up. There was a woman who came up to me the other day who must have been in her 90s! And she said all this stuff; it's very unusual. And they say exactly the same things as 12-year-old girls! That is kind of bizarre.

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Rob er sikkert sjalu :P

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